Berlin State Association of the green party

We are the Berlin State Association of the green party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). Our members come from a variety of backgrounds but share a common vision: to transform Berlin into a sustainable city with an even higher standard of living for everybody. Together, we debate and develop political positions, we run election campaigns, and we provide the personnel for public offices and mandates.

We are committed to improving ecological mobility and the protection of our climate, to equality of opportunities, sound education and care, fair wages and rents, and to clean parks and clean air. However, we also campaign against poverty and marginalisation, hate and incitement, and against barriers and discrimination.  We want a diverse, open and inclusive society in which everyone has the same rights and the same opportunities, allowing them to participate equally and autonomously in society - regardless of ethnic origin, skin colour, sexual or gender identity, religion, age or disabilities.

All Five Votes for the Greens

Five reasons for a fresh start for Berlin.

Find out more about our policies and
Bettina Jarasch, our candidate for Berlin.


We are committed to this at all political levels:

  • Our 27 elected members in the Berlin House of Representatives represent our stance in the Berlin state parliament, thus helping to determine the political course in the city.
  • In the German parliament, the Bundestag, we are represented by four MPs from Berlin, including the only directly-elected Alliance-Green MP in Germany, who won in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.
  • Each of Berlin's twelve districts includes a Green district association and a district parliamentary group, while in Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg there are Green mayors, and in many others, there are Green city councillors. You can also participate directly and actively in the local district associations and local working groups.
  • Each member can participate in our theme-based regional working groups and contribute their own stances and experience. In terms of content, therefore, the regional working groups form the backbone of the party.


Elections will be held at all these levels in September 2021.

The Bundestag, the Berlin House of Representatives and twelve district parliaments will all be re-elected on 26 September 2021. We’re campaigning for every vote in order to implement more green concepts and to transform Berlin into a modern city of the future, and for Bettina Jarasch to become the Governing Mayor of Berlin. After all, it's about time that our cosmopolitan, open city is governed by the Greens, and by a woman. You can read exactly what we intend to do in our election programme.

Would you like to get involved? Then our district associations, our state working groups or the Green Youth Berlin would love to hear from you! Are you interested in our current positions and publications? Then our press office is ready and waiting. Do you have any further questions or comments? If so, you can find your contact person at our state headquarters.


We’re also available for you offline: by telephone on 030 615 005 0, or by email on

Nina Stahr and Werner Graf

State Chairs