Dear “native” and “non-native” Berlin citizens,

12.09.11 –

With our letters we would like to support your decision-making at the Berlin City parliament elections on September 18th. Please let yourself be convinced to cast your vote for the Greens!

Berlin stimulates phantasies around the world: People from North and South, East and West, are flocking here and enriching our city. We need a culture of acceptance for a peaceful coexistence – for people from Swabia as well as for people from Anatolia, for people from Weißensee as well as for people from Kreuzberg.

Berlin is sexy, because it is rich in cultures, ideas, talents and creativity. To make Berlin a more equitable place in the future, we need to promote all talents the same. Then the diversity of Berlin will be a unique feature as well as a contributing economic factor. We fight for an equality of chances in the schools and on the job market. Only by doing so we can achieve active participation in society for each and every one in Berlin and avoid the drifting apart of our city.

Voting Green in Berlin means voting for a better cooperation of cultures. In detail, this means that we want to accelerate the recognition of international job qualifications, support the learning of languages, create a more permeable school system and get a vote for non-EU immigrants in local elections. Our goal is to make everyone who moves to Berlin fell like a “Berlinerin” or “Berliner”.

The new inhabitants in our city are not only from all over the world, but also from all over Germany. This contributes to Berlin’s flair, because let’s be honest: who doesn’t enjoy Spätzle or Grünkohl, Bavarian or Low-German dialects? You’re all welcome – if you can get used to the Berlin tongue.

Since the Wall came down, half of Berlin’s citizenship has changed. This did leave its traces. One of the largest problems is that deeply rooted inhabitants have to leave their neighbourhoods due to raising rents. That’s the reason why we want an active city development policy and rent policy to keep the social mix in our neighbourhoods. Because this is Berlin.

Berlin has always been a magnet for people from close and afar. We want it to stay this way. On September 18th, your vote decides the future of Berlin. Vote for a tolerant, liveable city!

Kind regards,
Your Greens