Dear Workers and businesspeople,

12.09.11 –

With our letters we would like to support your decision-making at the Berlin City parliament elections on September 18th. Please let yourself be convinced to cast your vote for the Greens!

Berlin is creative, lively and innovative. Every successful business region envies us at least three things: our excellent science infrastructure, our extraordinary amount of space and the well-educated, creative people who live and work here.

But we cannot rest on these laurels. The current red-red government failed to politically create and sustain the economical development of the capital. The result: Berlin is the capital of Hartz-IV-receivers and people who need state subsidies to their salary. Berlin has the highest unemployed rate of Germany and is far behind as an industrial location. Due to this shortcoming, Berlin misses out on 500 million Euro in taxes - money the city could put to good use.

The good news is: Our city can do more. Through resolute action and courageous decision we will lay the foundation for 100,000 new jobs. The study „Berlin 2020“ by McKinsey gives us the knowledge that we can manage to create these jobs: If we allow the businesses of Berlin to grow and make the right structural decisions. We want to promote Berlin as a place for investment and production – on a global scale. Ideas from Berlin should be produced and sold here.

For a permanent economical uplift, we believe in the Green Economy and a strong service sector. We especially want to support

  • electro mobility: We can create 10,000 jobs if we establish a new core for this industry. We have good starting conditions. We need to strengthen these.
  • health economy: This is an important future technology for Berlin. The Charité enjoys a worldwide reputation as a pinnacle of medicine in Berlin. If we succeed in creating a tighter network between science and economy, it will help the city enormously!
  • the creative business: We want to welcome more creative people in Berlin and give them reasons to stay. Creatives need perspectives.
  • tourism: We are glad that Berlin attracts tourists from the whole world.But Berlin shall be the avantgarde when it comes to sustainable tourism, e.g. green congresses, green hotels, regional food in the gastronomy.

A special offer to Berlin businesspeople is our „House of the Business“. Here, we want to offer business services in one place. Here you will find competent counseling and decisions from the districts as well as the Senate, the Berlin Partners, the customer service of IBB and many more, and we offer modern data processing – of course multilingual. Come visit us!

One thing is clear: To create sustainable momentum for the Berlin economy, politics can't do it alone. This will only work in a dialogue with the businesses, the unions and all employables. Together with all of you, we want to finally get the Berlin economy going – for a prospering Berlin we all will profit from!

Kind regards,
Your Greens